Gold Coast Mini and Micro Excavation Services Pricing

Prices we charge are as follows;

  • One Hour Travel $110 including GST*
  • Two Hour minimum hire x $110 per hour including GST*
  • After two hours on site part hour charged at $110 per hour including
  • Mid size excavator (Kubota U25-3) Only $110 per hour including GST*
  • Any combination of excavator / skid steer (bobcat) only $110 per hour including GST*

*Above pricing is for mini and micro excavation work on the Gold Coast. We are available for work further afield however additional travel costs may apply.

We carry an ANZ Fastpay card reader so you can pay via debit card, Visa or Master Card but please note a 2.3% fee is charged when using a credit card, but not for payments via debit card. Cash is also accepted.

If you cannot pay on completion of the work please inform us of this before booking our services.
Commercial clients can direct deposit where arranged prior to work started.
Some of the attachments incur an additional fee, rock hammer $20 per hour, charged in 1 hour increments.

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