Concrete Removal

Cutting up and removal of concrete driveway

Saw Cut Concrete Removal

With our mini and micro excavators we are able to remove and dispose of all your unwanted concrete, we can cut it or demolish it with rock hammer.

If you have a driveway, a footpath or any concrete slab to remove or pull up we have the machinery to safely remove it for you.

We can cut it or break it or using a Rock Hammer attachment on our Mini or Micro Excavators. We then remove it to our tip Truck which we take to the dump.

The image to the right is of a Concrete driveway that has been saw cut with an electric wet diamond saw into small portions suitable for removal by our Mini Bobcat.

Cut up concrete ready to be dumped.When the concrete has been cut up into the smaller portions we can then get in and load it onto our Hino Tipper Truck as can be seen in the image to the right.




Rock Hammer

Rock breaker in action on our Mini Excavator on the Gold CoastThe rock hammer attachment is like a big jack hammer which attaches to the boom of our excavators and is used to pulverise concrete and rocks into smaller sections so they can be easily removed with our bobcat bucket.