ASV Posi-Track Skid Steer Loader “Bobcat”

ASV Posi Track PT30 bobcat

The ASV Posi Track PT30 tracked bobcat-not your ordinary bobcat!

The ASV Posit-Track PT30 tracked skid steer loaders we use are not your ordinary Bobcat! They can go where normal Bobcats can’t, they have very low ground pressure as the tracks distribute the weight of the machine very gently over the ground, making it ideal if we have to run over sewer and stormwater pipes, its rare for pipes to get damaged using these loaders.

The PT-30 bobcat uses patented Posi-Track™ undercarriage technology with suspension that maximizes traction and flotation. As a result, the machine’s 1500 kg operating weight is distributed down to only 19.2 kPa thats 2.8 psi!!!! of ground pressure.They don’t get stuck in sand and mud like normal bobcats do, even other tracked loaders can’t match the ASV PT30.

Checkout the following video – they just love sand!!!!!!

Our Tracked Bobcats Attachments

We have a Norm 4in1 bucket letting us get your job done fast and efficiently. The machine is 1219mm wide and 1830mm high so we need around 1300mm of clear flat access to get in and out. Working in combination with our range of excavators this machine allows us to get material moved quickly making the work very cost effective; you pay a bit more per hour for this combo but the savings in time far outweigh the costs. We chose this machine for a number of reasons – have a look at the following video and see how it compares to other tracked loaders its quite eye opening!

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Mini Excavator

We run a Kubota u17-3 which is a 1.7 tonne machine its standard track width is 1200mm yet it can go down to fit through a gate of just 1 meter wide.
The range of attachment we have are as follows.
1metre long Mud bucket which has a tilting capability .
450 and 300mm buckets with teeth for general digging work.
Rock Grab for picking up material this works great for removal of vegetation.
Toro rock -concrete Breaker hammer for breaking up material.
Auger for hole boring with 450, 300, 200 drills with this we can drill to a depth of 2.4 meter with our extension arm attached.

U17-3 with auger attached.

U17-3 with auger attached.