With our Mid excavator and  ASV Posi-Track (bobcat with tracks not wheels) and tip truck we are specialists in excavating around and under existing structures. Being involved in the building industry for the last 38 years we are very aware of the processes that are required to complete your project. We specialise in jobs which require the use of small earthmoving equipment for locations with limited access…

Our Machines:

    • U25-3 Excavator , she’s 1500mm wide and zero swing, but she can track down to 1300mm. It weighs 2.5 tonne and has a better reach and digging force than the smaller machines. If we can get it into your area of work its the machine to use. Ideal for larger areas and deeper trenches, and chews up bamboo for breakfast!
    • The  buckets, a 500mm 4in1 mud bucket, 600mm,  and 300mm 200mm and , rock breaker *Auger drive with 450, 300 and 200 augers* 


  • The “bobcat” is a ASV Posi Track skid steer loader. This can go though an opening of 1300mm. It comes equipped with a Norm Engineering 4 in 1 bucket and is used to move material once dug out by the excavators, along with a spreader bar for this machine which is available for levelling and turf preparation. These tracked machines are brilliant in both sand and mud, leaving normal wheeled skid steers bogged and wallowing in the mire.
  • Tip Truck is Isuzu FRR500 with 4 cubic meter tipper tray so we can remove any unwanted material from your site; this normally works out much cheaper than hiring a skip bin.


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ASV Posi Track PT30 bobcat

ASV Posi-Track Skid Steer Loader “Bobcat”

The ASV Posit-Track PT30 tracked skid steer loaders we use are not your ordinary Bobcat! They can go where normal Bobcats can’t, they have very low ground pressure as the tracks distribute the weight of the machine very gently over the ground, making it ideal if we have to run over sewer and stormwater pipes, …

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Mini Excavator

We run a Kubota u17-3 which is a 1.7 tonne machine its standard track width is 1200mm yet it can go down to fit through a gate of just 1 meter wide. The range of attachment we have are as follows. 1metre long Mud bucket which has a tilting capability . 450 and 300mm buckets …

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